Thank You Kindly's Fashion Campaign Captures a New Generation

Thank You Kindly's Fashion Campaign Captures a New Generation

Design and production studio Thank You Kindly curated, casted, styled and shot their brand campaign with community in mind, "showcasing the creatives who drive and inspire them."

Founders Ariella Starkman and Allegra Christie said it was natural for them to find models among their own community, which is a likeminded group of "men and women who strive to create inclusive and meaningful contributions to their respective fields—fashion, film, food, art, and the intersections between them."

Shot in Toronto by photographer Maya Fuhr, the campaign images show the independent duo's idea of "multi-dimensional environments for their diverse community to engage with."

You can see it all, below:

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Photography: Maya Fuhr

Creative Directors: Ariella Starkman & Allegra Christie

Production: Angelica Sable

Hair: Ali Harcourt

Models: Matthew Bianchi, Nafisa Kaptownwala, Madelyne Beckles, Carmen Mac, Annie Roper, Summer Ruddock-Ellis & Amalia Duncan-Raphael

Clothing: Barragan, Hardeman, Laugh By Lafaille - Ben Lafaille

Photography Assistant: Luna Khods

Special Thanks: SOOP SOOP, Alex & Tap Phong