Maty Noyes' New Video Is Very 'White Lotus'

Maty Noyes' New Video Is Very 'White Lotus'

If camera rolls are any indication, nothing captures the sheer insanity of our reality like an iPhone. Looking back on old memories — sometimes from months or even years ago — can feel like scrolling through a completely different person's life. And for Maty Noyes, the pop star whose 2021 album The Feeling's Mutual is out now, that comes to life in her new music video, "Mad World," intentionally shot without the polish of a major production.

The intimate visual plays out like a "fast and hot Italian love story," according to Noyes, who describes it as "an impromptu creation" with her friends that they filmed on an iPhone. "I was on vacation but didn't want to be sitting around doing nothing, so we made something of the time and the scenery," she says, speaking to the very White Lotus-style hotel environment that she wanders around with a lover.

If Noyes' new video looks like a snapshot of her past life, that was intentional, as she narrates an old relationship that went on for much too long. "You don't leave me baby," she sings on the breezy tropical chorus, co-written and produced by Pretty Sister. "You know that I'm a bad girl," she continues, self-aware and openly flaunting her two sides: one that's "sweet" and the other that "tells lies."

Because "Mad World" is about "a man who embraced me as I was, so much so that it wasn't healthy," Noyes explains. "He tolerated me at a time when he probably shouldn't have been and it made for a crazy time." Between her love interest ferociously unpacking Noyes' suitcase so that she stays to the quietly deviant look in her eyes, "Mad World" brings to life a situation we've all been swept inside — where the outside looks much tamer than what's bubbling underneath.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Mad World" and stream Maty Noyes' The Feeling's Mutual, below.

Photo courtesy of Maty Noyes