Matt Damon Roasted for 'Cringe' New Crypto Ad

Matt Damon Roasted for 'Cringe' New Crypto Ad

Matt Damon is getting clowned for his new crypto commercial.

Yesterday, the actor appeared in an advertisement for, which aired on the small screen during Sunday's NFL games and was previously seen in movie theaters during the previews. And while it's par for the course to see a celeb getting paid the big bucks to endorse the latest new fad, Damon's commercial was so over-the-top "cringe" that the internet couldn't help but roast the shit out of it.

With corny lines like "fortune favors the brave" juxtaposed with clips of historic moments like the Wright Brothers's first flight, the star had everyone rolling their eyes thanks to his grandiose declarations that framed potential investors as intrepid trailblazers who "embraced the moments and commit." And one of the biggest takeaways? "Jesus Christ does he not have enough money already."

However, it wasn't just Damon's weird payday that got tongues wagging, as one person criticized the spot as some "macho-baiting crypto pitch where the viewer must ACT NOW or he's a weak pussy."

"Is that this is a top 3 classic pitch all financial schemes have used to goad men into forking over their paltry savings," they continued, while another added, "When a celebrity invests on Crypto as part of their portfolio they have no choice but to make shit like this so that their crypto investments go up. It's both a Ponzi scheme and a Pyramid scheme."

On the whole though, most just used the ad as an opportunity to make fun of Damon, with some alluding to his movie career by joking, "that commercial makes me think Matt Damon is angling to play a Winklevoss Twin in Bitcoin Billionaires" and "this mf bought a zoo im not taking any financial advice from him."

Meanwhile, others opted to skewer the Damon's dramatic speech by commenting things like, "'fortune favors the brave so spend your life savings on a cartoon monkey wearing sunglasses' - Matt Damon," and "[matt damon strolls past a spanish galleon] are you going to put your life savings into the pretend computer dog money that you can’t spend or are you a pussy." And honestly, all of them sound like better commercials than whatever this ad was.

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