If Marshall Vincent Was Your Lover...

If Marshall Vincent Was Your Lover...

When Marshall Vincent wrote his new single, "If I Was Your Lover," the alt-R&B singer wanted to imagine himself "successful at love and relationships" — an ambitious task, even for the most committed, content of lovers. The relationship he describes is "simple," as Vincent sings about never making them change, never tying them down, and making them one of the only things in life that isn't difficult.

"If I Was Your Lover" then represents the promises he wishes he could give and those he wishes were given to him. "Attention, understanding, and that care and empathy that we tend to give to dear friends but not those who we are intimate with," Vincent continues. "It's a dream, and something quite heavy, and probably one of the most unapologetically pop songs I've ever made."

The track's accompanying music video, premiering today and directed by Ivan Boljat with movement direction from Jos McKain, extends these ideas and presents Vincent on stage, singing out his dreams to an audience we never end up seeing. Perhaps the lover imagined is just as theoretical as his lyrics.

Today's release arrives with the announcement of Vincent's forthcoming EP, In No Particular Order, out September 17th on SA Recordings. As one of five tracks, "If I Was Your Lover" builds off the artist's time spent living in Berlin, New York and Chicago, weaving together emotional pop songs with a haunting, folksy twist that recall great songwriters like Kate Bush.

''I have always been quite sensitive, since I was a child," Vincent says of what informs his music. "I also experienced hardships that made me closed off, cold and detached. I had to learn to face my pain. This fight manifested itself into creation. The ability and need to create my own world helped me see myself in others."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "If I Was Your Lover" and stream Marshall Vincent's new single, below. Pre-order the In No Particular Order EP,here.

Photo courtesy of Marshall Vincent