Mariah Carey's Thanksgiving Day Parade Set Has Everyone in Shambles

Mariah Carey's Thanksgiving Day Parade Set Has Everyone in Shambles

The internet is spiraling over Mariah Carey's latest live performance.

After a seven-year absence, the iconic singer returned to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to perform alongside her 11-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, in a voluminous pink dress and matching parasol. And her choice of tune for the big Turkey Day event? Obviously, it was "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

"DURING THE THANKSGIVING PARADE????? IM CRYING," as one fan said about the songstress' choice to trot out her signature Christmas season track.

Meanwhile, others thought the moment was more pointed, hypothesizing that it was Carey's shady response to her recent legal kerfuffle with singer Elizabeth Chan, which resulted in her being unable to trademark the title "Queen of Christmas," with a second person writing, "Mariah Carey said fuck those trademark laws and showed up with her Queen of Christmas crown anyway."

However, what ended up being the biggest point of discussion was Carey's alleged lip-syncing, with some critics wondering why she was "holding a microphone [if] it didn't serve any purpose." Granted, many Carey defenders also pointed out that "there's no way that not one single artist performs live at this parade, yet people are mad at Mariah for it."

But aside from the naysayers, the vast majority appeared to actually love her supposed lip-syncing, especially combined with her disinterest in dancing and her perceived "lack of energy" during the performance, per a commenter.

"It’s the one thing we can all count on," they continued. And this ended up being a sentiment echoed by numerous other stans, leading to a flurry of tweets about how they "respect Mariah Carey’s absolute refusal to sing anything live" and "Yes Queen! Give us no live vocals at all."

"Mariah Carey is getting millions right now to just stand there with her umbrella and honestly I’m not mad. Mad respect," as someone else wrote before another added, "Mariah Carey lip syncing in place with this umbrella at 78% energy while her dancers perform like their lives hang in the balance on the Thanksgiving Parade is pure CAMP!!" And needless to say, we have to agree.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Winter