Mariah Carey Invites Martha Stewart to Thanksgiving Dinner

Mariah Carey Invites Martha Stewart to Thanksgiving Dinner

Two icons are exchanging holiday-themed banter and the internet is loving it.

On a recent Today Show appearance, domestic guru Martha Stewart addressed the elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey concerning the importance of Thanksgiving. Her comments come as Carey recently shared an Instagram video showing her quick transition from spooky Halloween to festive Christmas vibes set to the tune of her iconic 1994 song "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

“Mariah, you know me, I am a traditionalist with a twist,” the 81-year-old entrepreneur said. “And you cannot give up Thanksgiving just ’cause you don’t like turkey! I love turkey, and many, many other people like turkey, so do not think that we are going to give up Thanksgiving just because you may say so.”

In the spirit of the holidays, Mariah responded graciously, noting that she has no intention of skipping over Thanksgiving even if she's starting to get into the Christmas spirit early: "Dearest Martha!! NEVER will I give up Thanksgiving!!" she wrote, retweeting a clip of Mariah's comments. "But we can still start getting into the festive spirit now!"

Carey continued by inviting Stewart to her Thanksgiving dinner, and sneaking in a request to join her extravaganza. "P.S. I’d love to have you at my Thanksgiving dinner although I’ve yet to be invited to your Thanksgiving extravaganza! And THAT is MAJOR! Esp if Snoop’s coming!"

See the full exchange below.

Photo via Getty Images / iHeartMedia / Kevin Winter