Mariah Carey Should Be Allowed To 'Like' Her Own Instagram Photos

Mariah Carey Should Be Allowed To 'Like' Her Own Instagram Photos

Lambily, gather 'round. I've got some bad news, but I promise everything's gonna be fine. Are you ready? Sitting down? Okay. Earlier this afternoon, Mariah Carey claimed on Twitter that her seven-year-old son Rocky had been "liking my own insta pics."

Here is the unfortunate tweet:

An obvious lie! Although an understandable one. Like "camera just went off" or "might delete later," Carey's "a small child was using my phone" excuse is designed to convey humbleness. Here's the thing, though: Mariah Carey — talented artist, beautiful woman, Christmas icon — need not be humble. It is only logical that she'd hit that heart button on photos of herself.

I mean, honestly:

Obviously, this principle can be applied not just to Mariah but also ourselves. If you can't like your own content, what can you like? No one should be posting anything that they think is bad or ugly or untruthful. We should stand by our own hot takes — and selfies. Live more honest online lives. No one thinks you posted that mirror photo because you think you look bad. And that's fine.

Cool! Now that this small issue has been cleared up, let's all sit back and enjoy a way better social media post Mariah made today:

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