Madonna Gave Jimmy Fallon a Mini 'Butch' Purse From Wiederhoeft

Madonna Gave Jimmy Fallon a Mini 'Butch' Purse From Wiederhoeft

On Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show,Madonna had a little fashionable surprise in store for Jimmy Fallon, and it wasn't just her very New York outfit (Hood by Air and Anonymous Club, by the way).

Midway through their conversation, Madge whipped out a micro-purse embroidered with the word "Butch" as a gift for Fallon with no explanation. She was talking about how her son David still looks butch while wearing her dresses, so there was that segue.

Courtesy of Wiederhoeft

The very tiny bag, which Madonna put on Fallon as a crossbody, is by New York-based bridal and ready-to-wear designer Jackson Wiederhoeft, whose label is known for its opulent fabrics, theatrical shows and sense of humor. It's not lost on anyone that a mini coin purse isn't exactly thought of as butch hence the irony in the gifting.

The bag isn't actually for sale yet as it was shown as part of Wiederhoeft's Resort 2023 show. The collection, which featured giant poodle appliqués, neck corsets and lots of feathers, was presented in New York this summer. (The bag is featured in Look 8.) See the video below for the entire interview with Madonna.

Screenshots via YouTube