Machine Gun Kelly's Tour Bus Vandalized With Homophobic Slur

Machine Gun Kelly's Tour Bus Vandalized With Homophobic Slur

Payton Dunn

Today marks yet another entry into the long running MGK drama saga, except this time, the singer isn’t to blame.

Machine Gun Kelly woke up at his Mainstream Sellout Tour stop in Omaha to the news that some anonymous troublemaker had spray painted a bus that they thought was his. MGK took to Instagram Stories on Thursday morning to give the person a reality check, saying, “Wrong bus, you fucking idiot! Do the first part of the crime right!”

The perpetrator had adorned the bus with some pretty obscene phallic imagery with a mystery liquid squirting out of it, zigzagging across the side of the bus all the way to the end. We’ll let your imagination fill in the details.

In his posts on Instagram Stories, Kelly was astonished by just how committed the troublemaker was to trying to ruin his day with the childish act, explaining, “I was by the buses till 4:30 in the morning, which means he waited till 5 AM to spray paint a dick.”

While the image was laughable, it also came with a hateful message to go along with it, with the side of the bus reading “RAP DEVIL F*****.”

Kelly fired back at the spray painter, addressing them directly by saying, “You could’ve been at home cuddling with your partner or doing something, and instead you were like, ‘God dammit! I just wish he would go up to his hotel room so I can spray paint this dick!’ Oh my god! They washed it off before I even saw it. Aren’t you sad? I’m still in bed. I didn’t even get to enjoy it!”

We won’t linger on the fact that Kelly lamented that he never got to see the penis drawing in the flesh. We also won’t linger on the irony of a homophobe staying up until 5 AM just to make sure another man saw their ejaculating penis in all of its cartoon glory. Instead, let’s just relish in the fact that it happened in Nebraska of all places and on a Thursday morning of all times. The hater truly had nothing better to do.

Photo via Getty/ Ethan Miller