Louis Tomlinson Wants to Start His Own Company

Louis Tomlinson Wants to Start His Own Company

Louis Tomlinson announced Saturday that he's working on a new project: his own music management company.

The former One Direction member wants to sign artists that don't necessarily fit into the mainstream mold. "I always dreamed of having my own label, having an imprint never really worked for me because I still had to have someone else's blessing to sign people," he tweeted. "People I believed in massively but unfortunately didn't fit the traditional pop role hence never doing the deals...So I've decided to put it out there in the world today. I'm going to start my own music management company to help develop new artists. Watch this space."

​But Tomlinson hasn't hashed out all the details just yet. He makes it clear that it's still a work in progress and something that he's manifesting unto the world. He said in another tweet, "I just wanted to take the first step of actualising the idea but at this stage that's all this is. An idea!"

He also wanted to make it clear that the plan isn't to create his own label, but a management company — meaning working directly with the artists themselves, rather than the music.

It's been over a year since Louis launched his debut solo album, Walls. He was supposed to go on tour this year, but right now most of the dates are postponed because of the pandemic.

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