Loewe Is Bringing 'Spirited Away's Anime Characters to Life

Loewe Is Bringing 'Spirited Away's Anime Characters to Life

This time last year, Loewe dropped their first collaboration with Studio Ghibli (the Japanese film company): a collection featuring the characters of the 1988 movie My Neighbor Totoro, which quickly became a hit. Now the brand is returning for a second capsule, this time with the 2001 Oscar-winning animated film Spirited Away.

LOEWE x Spirited Away, which comes out January 7 on Loewe's website, consists of ready-to-wear, blankets, scarves and leather/canvas bags featuring prints depicting the film's protagonist Chihiro, the mysterious Haku, the sorceress Yubaba and Kaonashi the spirit with no face.

The collection also includes pieces inspired by the classic Japanese technique known as ‘boro’ which consists of mended and indigo-dyed scraps patchworked together, achieving an intarsia of Kasuri textiles and Anagram jacquard canvas. Shapes are loose and relaxed: T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, cardigans, oversized jumpers and culottes all feature prominently.

For the campaign, Juergen Teller shot singer and performer Dua Saleh and models Kit Butler, Hyunji Shin and Mica Arganaraz wearing the collection. "Such love for the possibilities of craft — and the painstaking nature of working by hand — is something we truly nurture at Loewe," creative director Jonathan Anderson said in a statement of working with Studio Ghibli. "This shared commitment to the magic of handcrafted things is where our connection lies."

See the gallery, below, for a selection of pieces from LOEWE x Spirited Away that will launch on January 7.

Photos courtesy of Loewe