Lizzo Responds to Trolls Trying to Discredit Her Billboard Title

Lizzo Responds to Trolls Trying to Discredit Her Billboard Title

Lizzo's smash hit "Truth Hurts" is officially the longest-running Billboard Hot 100 song by a solo female rapper. And while Lizzo focused most of her energy on celebrating, in the process, she also unfortunately had to shut down a couple of trolls questioning the categorization.

According to Billboard, "Truth Hurts" officially surpassed Cardi B's three-week reign "Bodak Yellow" this week, which is extra remarkable given the fact that the song's already been out for two years.

And in true Lizzo form, the star took to her social media to give an inspirational reflection on her journey — alongside an adorable childhood picture of herself holding a photoshopped Billboard chart, of course.

"Truth Hurts is officially the longest solo female rap #1 in history. I fell in love with music when I was 9 years old...I know it's cliche but music was literally my boyfriend. I had no idea our love affair would take me this far," she wrote. "If this lil Lizzo only knew all that she would accomplish when she picked up that flute, or wrote songs in her room, or forced her friends to make girlbands.. it's just so humbling to know it was all worth it. Don't run away from what your heart wants. Follow that bitch to your destiny."

However, Lizzo was also forced to address a continent of online trolls at the same time. Their argument against her taking of the coveted title? That she isn't a rapper.

Never one to put up with the bullshit though, Lizzo decided to shut down all the haters with a few choice words. Her perfect retort?

"Yes I sing. Yes I rap," she wrote. "We exist."

Imagine that!

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