A Head of Lettuce Outlasted UK Prime Minister Liz Truss
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A Head of Lettuce Outlasted UK Prime Minister Liz Truss

After only a mere 44 days days in office, Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister. This makes her the shortest serving PM in the United Kingdom's history.

The decision came amidst a disastrous week for the Truss administration that saw both her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and Home Secretary Suella Braverman resign over a myriad of issues and plummeting approval ratings. This all culminated in a vote on fracking that angered Truss' own party to the point where they no longer had any faith in her leadership.

In her brief tenure as Prime Minister, Truss presided over the death of the Queen, left the economy in shambles and alienated most members of the Conservative party. To add insult to injury, she was ultimately outlasted by... a head of lettuce.

Capitalizing on the prime minister's loosening grip of power, The Daily Star started broadcasting a live feed of a head of lettuce purchased at a Tesco for 60 pence next to a picture of Truss, and asked the question, "Will Liz Truss still be Prime Minister within the 10-day shelf-life of a lettuce?"

The UK tabloid was Inspired by a quip from The Economist, which noted that the period between the 10 days of mourning after Queen Elizabeth II died and the beginning of her political downfall lasted about seven days or "roughly the shelf-life of a lettuce." Less than a week after they decided to put that idea to the test, the lettuce has emerged victorious.

Adorned with its own blonde wig, eyes, Mr. Potato Head arms and a haunting grin, the lettuce became an internet celebrity that almost instantly garnered a significant following and its own Cameo account. Celebrating its win over Truss with flashing disco lights and a remix of Kool & the Gang's "Celebration," the lettuce seemed to perfectly encapsulate the absurdity that British politics had devolved into. Many have latched onto the meme as a poignant allegory for Truss' brief tenure.

There were some questions about whether it was actually a head of lettuce and not cabbage, which has a longer shelf life, and some scrutiny over whether The Daily Star had properly kept the vegetable sufficiently cooled to the point where it would still be considered consumable. At the end of the day, though, the fact remains that the lettuce was still left standing.

“The Daily Star Lettuce when @trussliz resigns”

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