Björk, a high key Scorpio if ever there was one, has graced us with an incredible DJ mix in advance of her new album Utopia's release next week. It features music from our faves Kelela, Arca (her frequent collaborator), Steve Reich, and serpentwithfeet as well as some choice Icelandic birdsong and a new track off Utopia called "Losss." In her liner notes for the mix, created for Mixmag, she sets the stage for the parade of flutes, chirps, and other ethereal pleasures that await us:

"dearestest music-lovers !
here is a little set for you . it is most definitely flute and air themed and perhaps reveals the sonic environment my ears were in last year . i thank all the musicians . kindness , björk."

Utopia comes out November 24th.

Listen to her mix below...

Splash image via Getty

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