Let Lil Jon Remodel Your Home

Let Lil Jon Remodel Your Home

Lil Jon has an unexpected new gig.

While we all know him as the man who soundtracked some our most memorable school dance moments, the "Get Low" hitmaker is now pivoting towards home design and renovation with his new HGTV show Lil Jon Wants to Do What?

That's right, the King of Crunk has teamed up with professional designer Anitra Mecadon for a new weekly series, in which they help a family remodel part of their home. Airing every Monday, Lil Jon Wants to Do What? will see the rapper giving show participants his aesthetic input, and it's safe to imagine that his suggestions will be just as wild, flashy and over-the-top as him.

Enter Mecadon, who's there to make sure things stay realistic and on-budget, because as Lil Jon himself told People, she's the one who's "always trying to juggle and save" — even when it comes to things like building a basement nightclub in the premiere episode.

"I'm like, 'Hey, no, we just do this,'" he said. "[And she says,] 'No, Jon. We don't have it in the budget.'

As odd of a couple as they are, the publication noted that Mecadon and Lil Jon know each other pretty well. Around five years ago, the design expert came out to help the star when a pipe burst and flooded his Atlanta home, which eventually led to a full renovation and a very happy Lil Jon.

"It took the design from basic to over-the-top upscale classiness," he said. "That was one thing that made me say, 'Wow, she really knows what she's doing.'"

After all, Lil Jon is much more than just a chart-topping rapper, which means this show is the perfect opportunity to show fans another side of himself.

"It's not all about screaming and partying on this HGTV show. It's really about catching a vibe from people, listening to the homeowners, and [giving them] a place where they can create memories with their family," he said, before adding that the show is just one more piece of the Lil Jon puzzle.

"I've definitely accomplished a lot. And [there's] a lot more for me to do," as Lil Jon said, "Like Lil Jon Wants To Do What? That's the next stage of my life."

Lil Jon Wants to Do What? airs on HGTV every Monday and is available to stream via Discovery+. Read his interview with People here.

Photo via Getty / Rich Polk