Leslie Jones Criticizes Sephora For Alleged Mistreatment of Her Makeup Artist

Leslie Jones Criticizes Sephora For Alleged Mistreatment of Her Makeup Artist

Leslie Jones has made it clear that she no longer wants to shop at Sephora.

On the heels of SZA's alleged racial profiling incident with the beauty retailer, Jones went to bat for her makeup artist, Lola Okanlawon, who the comedian says called her "in tears" after shopping at the store with the wife of Jones' best friend on Monday.

"I sent my makeup artist @LolasBeautyMark and my best friends wife to @Sephora 2103 Broadway store. she needed makeup and to learn how to apply," Jones tweeted yesterday afternoon. "My makeup artist just called in tears of how bad they treated her and my friends wife!! The salesperson and manager. SO NO MORE SEPHORA."

Not only that, but Jones also posted a screenshot of her tweet to Instagram and added in the caption that she was "tired of the fuckery."

"If we spend money in your store we deserve customer service too. SO FUCK YOUR STORE @sephora you got to close your store to teach your employees sensitivity how about fire they ass and hire people who got sensitivity. Cause they exist!!!" she wrote. "I'm tired of this shit!! What happen to customer service. Do we just not give a fuck anymore!! #NOMOSEPHORA."

Sephora subsequently responded to Jones' criticism via Twitter, writing, "we're very sorry to hear this. We have reached out via Instagram and hope to connect with you and your friends directly."

That said, Jones' criticism came one day before Sephora closed all of its US stores to facilitate a staff inclusivity workshop — an action the retailer claims was planned "well before the incident involving SZA and are part of a new brand platform," per NBC.

"While it is true that SZA's experience occurred prior to the launch of the 'We Belong to Something Beautiful' campaign, the campaign was not the result of this Tweet," Sephora said earlier this week via an issued statement.

According to NBC, Sephora has reached out to Okanlawon about the situation.

"It is our priority to build an inclusive community and a place where all clients feel respected," Sephora told the outlet. "Our journey has not been perfect and is by no means complete. We will continue to learn and work toward this goal."

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