Lady Gaga Doesn't Remember the Last Time She Bathed

Lady Gaga Doesn't Remember the Last Time She Bathed

Part of our obsession with Lady Gaga stems from her candor and ability to always keep it 100. And, honestly, if her latest tweet isn't proof of that, then we don't know what is.

On the heels of an undeniably crazy year, Gaga has still managed to find time to make LG6. But as any creative knows, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our art that little things like eating or personal hygiene take a backseat.

Turns out though that Gaga is no different. Last night, the star took to Twitter to share a funny anecdote about a recent conversation she had with her assistant, who asked when the last she bathed was.

"Me: i don't remember," she wrote, alongside the #LG6 hashtag, indicating that her lapse in showering was due to all the hard work she's been putting into her album. Honestly though, talk about dedication.

See Gaga's tweet, below.

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