Kylie Jenner Gives First Post-Pregnancy Interview to Twitter

Kylie Jenner Gives First Post-Pregnancy Interview to Twitter

Kylie Jenner remains the reigning queen of social media even — maybe especially — following her several month hiatus, so it makes sense that she'd give her first post-pregnancy interview to the people of Twitter rather than to any specific media outlet. Jenner graciously took the time to answer several Twitter users' questions, who luckily shared many of the same burning curiosities we did about Jenner's nine months out of the spotlight, including what her strangest food cravings were and who she told about the baby first.

Here's Kylie on:

The worst part of pregnancy:

Her favorite Stormi feature:

Stormi's cousin Chicago West:

Travis as a father:

Her pack of tiny dogs:

Her pregnancy cravings:

Stormi's gender:

The fear of childbirth:

Who she told first:

How her bff Jordyn Woods reacted:

There you have it. Thanks to Kylie for answering our questions and to her fans for getting such great access, and most of all to Stormi for being so cute:

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