Kylie Jenner Debuts Beauty Collab With BFF Jordyn Woods

Kylie Jenner Debuts Beauty Collab With BFF Jordyn Woods

by Avery Matera

Kylie Jenner has been known to collaborate with nearly all of her sisters on a limited-edition Kylie Cosmetics capsule, only Kendall excluded at this point, but the 21-year-old has officially announced her first-ever launch with someone who does not bear the Kardashian-Jenner name. Announcing on Instagram on Sunday, Kylie has shared that her newest release will be Kylie x Jordyn, in collaboration with her ultimate best friend, roommate, and would-be-sister for what it's worth.

Keeping the hype contained to only a few days, creating the maximum explosion of desire for product as only Kylie does best, the collection is already going to be hitting shelves on September 21, so you don't have to wait that much longer before getting your hands on this colorful fall-inspired collection. The collection is far from small, as it's set to include an eye shadow palette, highlighter palette, two lip gloss tones, and a lipstick tube.

As Kylie and her team are the masters at color and tone naming, these 12 new additions to the Kylie Cosmetic family are all appropriate for the inseparable pair: Wife Life, Loyal, True Love, Peru, Soul Mate, My Heart, Don't Ever Leave Me, Sister, Ride or Die, Marry Me, Wild Love, and Love You Bitch all comprise the mix of satins, mattes, and shimmers. Highlighter tones similarly answer to the names No New Friends, Inseparable, Best Life, and Together Forever. Also included will be Kylie's brand new high glosses, which she told her Instagram fans, "So Jordyn loves glosses so I had to preview my High Gloss in her collection." To round out the bunch is a single perfect berry red lipstick that will aptly be named Woods.

As much of a sister as Jordyn might have been considered up until now, a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration might just be the thing that officially seals the deal.

Photo via Instagram