This Meme 'Knows a Spot' For a Bad Date

This Meme 'Knows a Spot' For a Bad Date

There are few experiences as universal as having a bad date. And while there are a myriad of things that could make for one, a new Twitter meme is focused on skewering the less-than-romantic places people could possibly take each other.

Dubbed the "Know a Spot," the premise is simple. Think of the last place you'd ever want to go on a date — physically and/or emotionally — and violà, a meme is born.

Ranging from quips like "men be like 'i know a spot' & then take you to rock bottom" to "girls be like 'i know a place' and then take you here," alongside a photo of the yellow Midsommarhouse, the creative possibilities for underwhelming and disappointing date spots are truly endless.

And while most of them are about things like your date potentially dropping you off at a therapist's office, no one is really safe from this trend — including certain zodiac signs and Animal Crossing players.

Then again, who really needs a cute restaurant or a scenic hike when someone could just "take you to an overgrown greenhouse & eat your heart as a sacrifice," right?

See some of our favorite spins on the "Knows a Spot" meme, below.

Photos via Reddit / YouTube