Kim Admits She Still Sees a Future For Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians

Kim Admits She Still Sees a Future For Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians

After her memoir The Secrets of My Life came and cut Kris Jenner to the quick like a hot knife through butter, Caitlyn Jenner's relationship with the Kardashian clan has been very shaky.

In the fall-out, Kim's current promotional tour seems to have become the platform through which mama Kris can conveniently communicate her anger towards Caitlyn, first on WWHLWWHLand now, The View. Appearing on the show to talk her new make-up line, the reality star ended up spilling even more tea about the Caitlyn scenario.

"I definitely got upset about it," she said. "In our family, we are definitely so close and always stick through everything. So everything definitely is gonna be fine, but I was a little shocked by [Caitlyn] putting some things out there that just weren't true or were hurtful when I feel like at the end of the day my mom and Caitlyn had a 25-year relationship, and you ... have to have some respect for it."

While she told Andy Cohen there's only a "two percent chance" Kris and Cait would ever talk again, she sees a higher chance of reconciliation for the Kardashian kids and their stepfather. The two percent, Kim clarified, are the former couple's shared children Kendall and Kylie, with whom Cait spent Father's Day on Sunday.

"She'll always be my stepdad and always be a person that raised me and taught me so much in life," said Kim. "Really, like stepped up to the plate, took over for my dad when he passed away, and I'll never forget what Caitlyn instilled in us as kids ... she'll always be a part of me. Have I talked to her in the last couple months? No."

Kim and her siblings, she assures the group, are "just taking a breather."

"We'll get it together."

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