The world has witnessed some great mysteries in its time. The Holy Grail. The Bermuda Triangle. The recent Oscar debacle. The Da Vinci code and co. But nothing, nothing, can compare to why on earth Kellyanne Conway decided to go above and beyond for a pic of Daddy Don.

There are few questions I'd like to kick off with.
Kellyanne, why could you not just stand?
Kellyanne, why the couch?
Kellyanne, why did you keep your shoes on?
Kellyanne, were you trying to make Trump look like a more "powerful, intimidating figure" with a low angle shot?
Kellyanne, is the plan to DM this to Obama with the message "see we definitely have black friends!!! ;D"?
Kellyanne, are you going to print this picture out and paste it in your scrapbook titled "Best. Year. Ever."?
Kellyanne, why, when there was a perfectly capable AP photographer behind you, did you need to also document the moment?
Kellyanne, what kind of truth are you trying to live?

Twitter also had some thoughts.

Kellyanne Conway: "Stop mocking me. I actually lost my legs in the Bowling Green Massacre"
— David Schneider (@davidschneider) February 28, 2017

Image via YouTube.

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