Kanye West Curated Pornhub's Awards Ceremony

Kanye West Curated Pornhub's Awards Ceremony

If you're the largest pornography site on the internet, who do you hire as creative director of your first ever awards ceremony? Self-professed pornography fan Kanye West, of course.

The inaugural Pornhub Awards, hosted by industry legend Asa Akira, took place in Los Angeles last night. And Kanye was in charge of the aesthetics and vibes.

Working with longtime collaborator Willo Perron, Kanye made sure to dress all the presenters in Yeezy. Award winners received "bespoke, erotica-inspired" statuettes in the shape of sex toys, and naturally Richard Kern was called in to provide interstitial footage. The entire ceremony was live-streamed on both Pornhub and Kanye West's official site. You can already buy merch released especially for the occasion on Yeezy Supply.

Kanye also took the opportunity to perform on stage with GOOD Music artist Teyana Taylor, plus debut a new song (and suitably bizarre, Spike Jonze-produced video) with Lil Pump. "I Love It" features West and Pump wearing oversized David Byrne-style shoulder pads, and includes a cameo from actress Adele Givens. You'll notice that Kanye's internet famous slide sandals also make an appearance.

Don't worry: it's (relatively) safe for work.

Image via Twitter