Noted queen Kamaiyah, the lone female in XXL's 2017 Freshman Class, just dropped the video for "Build You Up," a super positive, super 90s bop that pays homage to her heroes, TLC. The video takes place in her hometown of Oakland, where Kamaiyah rides the BART, eats a slice with her friends and her boombox, stunts in front of a row of choice vintage BMWs and indulges in some groovy dance breakdowns with her very own crew of Fly Girls as she raps about the greatest love of all. In a tweet, Kamaiyah explained that the similarities between "Build You Up" and early TLC vids was no accident...

Kamaiyah is currently working a new album, Don't Ever Get It Twisted – the follow-up to her massive 2016 debut A Good Night In The Ghetto.

Watch the video for "Build You Up" below...

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Photography by Silvia Draz / Styling by Craig Hemming and Caitlin Forbes