Kaash Paige Needs No Reminder That She's 'AWESOME'

Kaash Paige Needs No Reminder That She's 'AWESOME'

Kaash Paige operates on the basis of vulnerability and sincerity, capturing the hearts of millions of listeners with her ear for pop hooks dressed in contemporary R&B flair. Two years after her wistful and youthful debut, Teenage Fever, the Dallas-bred multi-hyphenate finally unveils its follow-up, S2ML.

S2ML stands for "Soundtrack 2 My Life," pulling back the curtain on Kaash's hopes, dreams and insecurities. Its release arrives with the playful and boastful single "AWESOME." Nostalgic early '00s synths morph into a dazzling trap-influenced beat, setting the stage for Kaash to recount a drunken night that turns into bold assertions of who she is as an artist.

In the smile-inducing video for her latest single to celebrate the release of S2ML, Kaash seeks a good thrill as she takes over a rollercoaster. With a dizzying POV shot, sky-high space doodles and a healthy dose of queer Black representation, the "AWESOME" video encapsulates pure, unadulterated bliss.

Below, watch the PAPER premiere of "AWESOME" and read all about Kaash's journey to create S2ML further down.

You got on the radar of so many people for your slower R&B jams, but based on your new singles, you're taking on a more energetic, poppy direction. What inspired that?

A lot of festival runs inspired that. Honestly, seeing the crowd move and wanna jump up started taking me on a journey to only make records with 808s.

This video shoot seemed so fun to shoot (although I admit I am afraid of rollercoasters). What was it like?

I’m an adrenaline junkie so honestly riding the roller coaster numerous amounts of times didn’t phase me.

It has been a while since your last full-length project. What were you doing to foster your creativity during this time?

Believe in myself, just pushing forward creating my own world and knowing that my time is here and it’s time to show the world who's the beauty and the beast with this music scene.

I heard you moved back home to Texas recently. How has that played into your latest work and process?

Moving back to Texas at this part of my life was the best decision I ever made. I'm extremely grateful to be back by family, but feeling the Texas love and everyone supporting my journey has been amazing .

What made this the right project to dub as the soundtrack of your life?

I just feel like I remember whenever Drake dropped Nothing Was The Same, when Kendrick dropped good kid, m.A.A.d city. Those are the soundtrack to our lives and a lot of other people's. I wanted this one to resonate for my generation as such.

Photo courtesy of Kaash Paige