Justice Shares Mesmerizing Video For 'Love S.O.S.'

Justice Shares Mesmerizing Video For 'Love S.O.S.'

Start off any music video with a buff man wearing nothing but a sequined thong and stilettos, you immediately have my attention. Add in an entrancing pole dance routine and finish it off with a high-heeled bloodbath and you get French electronic-duo, Justice's, latest video for "Love S.O.S."

Taken off their recently released live album, Woman Worldwide, "Love S.O.S." is the feel-good sing-a-long anthem that you could catch closing out a summer festival set or at the end of a romantic indie movie as the couple rides off into the sunset. Simultaneously fresh sounding and nostalgic, Justice chose to pair "Love S.O.S" with a dramatic and moody visual.

Directed by frequent collaborator Edouard Salier, the music video casually subverts expectation at every turn in a way that feels weirdly logical. Juxtaposing the beauty and grace of the pole dance against a bloody club brawl ending in a homicidal stabbing-by-stiletto, the video is entirely engrossing with every subsequent twist.

"[Justice's] Xavier and Gaspard wanted 'Love S.O.S.' to be sexy, strange, and brutal," said Salier. 'The song is sweaty and weeping; the visuals needed to illustrate this and to be as beautiful as they are disturbing."

Watch the full video for "Love S.O.S.," below:

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