Junglepussy Is the 'Main Attraction'

Junglepussy Is the 'Main Attraction'

by Riley Runnells

Junglepussy just announced a new album, and we're absolutely living for it. The rapper, also known as Shayna McHayle, said her new album Jp4 will premiere October 23. Jp4 is a follow up to her 2018 album, Jp3, and will feature artists like Gangsta Boo and Ian Isiah.

In preparation for her new album, JP released a track called "Main Attraction" and accompanied it with a provocative video starring herself.

In a release for the album, JP said, "From the genesis of Junglepussy, I struggled with my sound, because what I was doing at the time, I knew it wasn't really, really, really what I wanted to do. But I just didn't know how to get there. Jp4 really sounds like and feels like I got there."

Stream Jp4 October 23 and check out the full tracklist, below.

01 Bad News

02 Main Attraction

03 Telepathy

04 Morning Rock

05 Out My Window (ft. Ian Isiah)

06 Spiders

07 What You Want

08 Arugula

09 Stamina (ft. Gangsta Boo)

10 No Band Aid

Photo courtesy of Caity Arthur