Julia Fox Is Writing a Memoir in Quarantine

Julia Fox Is Writing a Memoir in Quarantine

by Riley Runnells

Julia Fox is using her time in quarantine to write a memoir.

The Uncut Gems actress told Page Six she's about one chapter into writing it, but she's still reworking and changing as she goes along.

"That's been really nice to be able to do that because usually, I'm a person that can't really stay still for too long," Fox said. "So it's good that I have absolutely zero distractions."

Fox is quarantined in her native New York, where she's also been working through a divorce with Peter Artemiev. Though she's been comfortable in the city, she's looking to go back to Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The actress said her time in quarantine has taught her a lot about being introspective and avoiding usual distractions to really focus on her goals. She's excited to get back acting and auditioning for new roles, but she feels her time spent in isolation has luckily had a few silver linings.

"I feel like for writers this time has been like a godsend because we can just stay at home and write and not like feel weird about it," Fox said. "Writing can be a solitary experience. It's where I feel most comfortable."

Photo via Getty/ Dominik Bindl