JW Anderson Reminds Us All to Get Out More

JW Anderson Reminds Us All to Get Out More

Jonathan Anderson took a step toward slowing the maddening pace of fashion today by consolidating his men's and women's collections. Twice a year he'll present them together, as he did so today in London. "There will be six drops into stores: two men's, four women's. I wanted to reconfigure the entire way we do things," Anderson told Vogue. "It doesn't make sense to develop small collections. It's time to pare back and start again."

The collection Anderson showed today had an outdoorsy fee, — clothes made for everyday living, with a nod to contemporary art and its relation to the natural world. A centerpiece of installations by Martin Belou that featured sculptural tubes sprouting live fungi brought in the natural element to remind us all to relax and get out a bit more. The collection itself had a bit of everything, for everyone: included skirts with canvas handkerchief hems, green hoodies with puffy sleeves, paisley tops, brightly colored utilitarian sneakers, crewnecks with pom-poms, cable-knits with matching scarves. Everything felt like it could be just as home on a hike or campsite as on the runway.

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