The Jonas Brothers Went to a College Party

The Jonas Brothers Went to a College Party

Since the Jonas Brothers reunited and launched their single, "Sucker," they've been popping up at random venues all over the country for surprise performances. And just after they released their latest, song-of-the-summer-worthy hit, "Cool," they decided to take a trip to Pennsylvania to liven up a college party in a bar called Champs Downtown on Friday night.

The JoBros caught Penn State students by surprise with their unexpected stage appearance. But not only did they bring the bops, they also treated the everyone in the crowd with an open bar on them. If paying for the drinks wasn't enough, they also served them with their significant others Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra — all while sporting Champs shirts, and at some point Penn State football jerseys.

Naturally, people couldn't help but document this monumental experience. And we're definitely feeling pangs of FOMO.

Once word got out, a huge crowd started to form outside the bar, desperately waiting to catch a glimpse of Joe, Kevin, and Nick.

So now the question is: where will the JoBros pop up next?

Image via Instagram