JoJo Siwa Introduces Fans to Her Girlfriend

JoJo Siwa Introduces Fans to Her Girlfriend

JoJo Siwa has officially introduced fans to her girlfriend Kylie.

On Monday, the Dance Moms alum celebrated their one-month anniversary on Instagram by posting a cute slideshow of them.

"After being my best friend for over a year, January 8th 2021 I got to start calling this exceptional human my girlfriend," JoJo wrote. "And since then I've been the happiest I have ever been!"

JoJo then went on to praise Kylie as "the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective, and just the most beautiful perfect person in the world," before saying she was lucky to "call her mine."

"Happy one month to my girl!," she concluded. "I love you more and more everyday!"

Last month, JoJo came out by posting a TikTok of herself singing to Lady Gaga's LGBTQ+ anthem "Born This Way," before sharing a photo of herself in a shirt that read "Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever." She then went on to officially confirm that she was a member of the LGBTQ+ community in an Instagram Live, and later credited her girlfriend for encouraging her to come out.

"One day I was on FaceTime with my girlfriend and I was like, 'I kind of just want to post this picture on my [Instagram] Story,'" JoJo recently told Jimmy Fallon. "She was super encouraging, she was like, 'do it' and I was like, 'alright' and I did it... [then I went] back to FaceTiming with her."

She went on to add, "I'm just so happy because now I get to share what makes me the happiest with the world and it makes my heart so happy."

Check out JoJo's adorable post for yourself, below.

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