John Waters Thinks Anna Wintour Has No Sense of Humor

John Waters Thinks Anna Wintour Has No Sense of Humor

The greatest crime committed by 2019's Met Gala was not Kim Kardashian's brazen lack of adherence to the "Notes on Camp" theme, but something altogether more sinister: organizers failing to invite John Waters, Camp icon. And Waters knows it.

After confirming his lack of invitation to W soon after the event, the filmmaker went into more detail with New York magazine's E. Alex Jung in an interview published online this morning. "I wasn't invited even though I was in every article," he recalled. "I wasn't invited to the Comme des Garçons one either." (Waters is a Rei Kawakubo obsessive.)

But don't cry for him! Waters is fine, and also, according to the same interview, owns three houses. "I had the best of all worlds," he continued. "I didn't have to pay $40,000. I didn't have to get in an outfit that I might've felt uncomfortable in. And I'm in every article about it. I didn't have to go through all that or pay anything and got the same amount of coverage." All good points.

When pressed, Waters did have this to say of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who presides over that coveted Met Gala guest list. "She's an incredibly successful editor, but I've never heard her say anything that funny." And I… oop. No comment!

Honestly, this is just one of many tantalizing tidbits. Read the whole conversation here.

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