Jay-Z and Will Smith Are Pivoting to Camping

Jay-Z and Will Smith Are Pivoting to Camping

Old buds Jay-Z and Will Smith are teaming up on a surprising new business project: staking their claim in the camping equivalent of AirBnB. Page Six reports that both rappers have invested in HipCamp, an "online marketplace that helps people discover and book unique camping experiences."

It feels like a pretty sharp pivot for Jay-Z and Will Smith, who we've never known to be particularly avid outdoorsmen. Both are famously city boys, who rep hard for their respective metropolises of Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

HipCamp particularly stands out on Jay Z's biz resume, which includes partnerships and investments with Rocawear, the Nets, TIDAL, cognac brand D'Usse, champagne brand Armand de Brignac, his label Roc Nation, private jet-sharing app JetSmarter, manhattan nightclub 40/40, a few Basquiat paintings, and Brooklyn real estate.

Huh! I don't know anything about making billions of dollars, but I guess it's probably good...to invest...in lots of different stuff. Money advice.

HipCamp does sound sort of genius. Aside from the many Instagram-y glamping options, pretty much anyone can get paid to let people pitch a tent in their backyard, which costs them objectively nothing. Lots of people have a backyard, and soon, thanks to Jay Z and Will Smith, everyone will want to go camping. We love a scam!

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