Single? Get Up and Watch Jarina De Marco's New Video

Single? Get Up and Watch Jarina De Marco's New Video

As Jarina De Marco wisely once told us, when you're overcoming post-relationship heartbreak, sometimes you have to "sage the pussy" to prepare for whatever comes next.

Making use of the humor, camaraderie, and renewed confidence De Marco gained from navigating her own break-up experience, she now has a visual treatment for her empowering single, "Bilingual." For the clip, the Mad Decent signee teams up with directors Andrew Madsen Jasperson and Jeff Dryer for a hilarious track-and-field-themed romp in the desert.

There, newly single hopefuls dressed in royal blue and Western-styled getups go head to head in a "jump off for ass" competition. De Marco is head cheerleader, coaching the contestants as they prepare to leap over a giant rendering of an ass. "You need to get up if you want to get off," De Marco rap-sings, and those words have never taken on more literal meaning.

"The video translates the ideas of being single and getting back into the dating game," De Marco tells PAPER. "We follow people from all walks of life who all want the same thing: to love and be loved, and to get it they have to jump into the competition at hand. Of course in matters like these, things rarely go as planned and the real winners are the ones who just go for it."

Watch the PAPER premiere of the Jarina De Marco's "Bilingual" video, below.

Photography: Yair Halper