Jared Leto Pretended to Be Disabled in the Name of 'Method Acting'

Jared Leto Pretended to Be Disabled in the Name of 'Method Acting'

Jared Leto is coming under fire for his latest attempt at "method acting."

For those of you who are unaware, the actor is notorious for taking his roles to the extreme, doing everything from living on the streets with addicts to allegedly sending his co-stars condoms and dead rats in order to prepare for parts. However, Leto is now facing criticism for pretending to be disabled on the set of his new Marvel movie, Morbiuseven when he wasn't in front of the camera.

In a new interview for MovieMaker, director Daniel Espinosa revealed that Leto brought this nonsense to set in order to get ready for scenes as the film's titular character, a scientist who morphs into a living vampire after curing himself of a blood disease that left him in chronic pain. And his way of doing this? By limping everywhere on crutches.

"When he walks in, he is Michael Morbius. He would often play Michael Morbius prior to him becoming Morbius, so he would always come in, you know, as a fully disabled person," Espinosa said, before noting that Leto was so "dedicated" that he also quickly regained weight to play the superhuman version of Morbius.

"It would take him like 20 minutes to come to the front of the camera, because it was so hard [to walk]," he continued. "This would also create pains in his body, to twist himself like that. But it was for him to remember the pain that the character had."

Not only that, but in another interview with Uproxx, Espinosa said that Leto's trips to the bathroom on crutches would end up taking 45 minutes, slowing down production to the point where the crew gave him a wheelchair instead. However, this didn't seem to bother the director, as he went on to say that "all of the actors believe in processes."

Granted, not everyone shared Espinosa's view as many took issue with Leto using his extreme interpretation of "method acting" to the point where it inconvenience the entire cast and crew, with one person noting that "method acting is not shorthand for being a dickhead on set."

"can we start glorifying actors who are professional that realize their character isn't them and now how to not hold a production?," as they added. Meanwhile, another invoked Robert Pattinson's iconic quote about this particular process, in which the actor said "you only ever see people do the method when they’re playing an asshole. You never see someone being lovely to everyone while they’re really deep in character.”

More importantly though, a ton of people found Leto's little off-screen performance incredibly offensive, with Twitter users arguing that "Jared Leto using crutches and a wheelchair as a self-indulgent field trip, cos he apparently can't act well without them." After all, as another person pointed out, "We actually disabled people are able to use the bathroom without shutting down productions every single day. Jared Leto is truly a hack."

Leto has yet to address the backlash.

Photo via Getty / Rich Fury