That Was Not Jared Leto

That Was Not Jared Leto

Sorry to disappoint, but that was notJared Leto.

On Monday, Hollywood's biggest names converged in New York for the 2022 Met Gala, dressed in their most opulent looks in celebration of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Gilded Glamour" exhibition. But with so many famous faces floating around at fashion's biggest night, it seems as if the frazzled masses got a little confused during arrivals and made quite the mistake when it came to one particular attendee.

Usually, it's easy to tell who's walking the red carpet, even if we're talking about Kim Kardashian's all-black Balenciaga outfit from last year. However, the entire internet, a number of storied fashion publications and even Getty Images ended up mistaking Swedish creative director Frederik Robertsson for none other than the Suicide Squad star and Gucci spokesperson, who had yet to appear.

Known in the fashion world as the "fabulous mystery man" who initially wowed onlookers at Valentino's Spring 2019 show, Robertsson showed up to the Gala in a spiky, eye-catching Iris Van Herpen number, complete with bedazzled eye makeup and slicked back platinum blond hair.

It was definitely a show-stopping statement look that would've probably made waves on its own. But in an unfortunate twist of events, Robertsson ended up going viral for all the wrong reasons. Mostly because people started memeing and making fun of outfit under the assumption that it was Leto, who's also been known to show up to the Gala in some pretty over-the-top looks, including the time he brought a replica of his own severed head to the event.

"Imagine putting this much effort into your look only to get misidentified as Jared Leto. The indignity," as writer Louis Peitzman wrote, before another Twitter user echoed this by saying, "I’m crying imagine putting all this effort into your met gala look only for people to think you’re Jared leto."

In an even more bizarre twist of events, when Leto did show up, his whole schtick was a twinning moment with Gucci head honcho Alessandro Michele — an eerie coincidence that further weirded out the internet.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"Loving the chaotic visual of Jared Leto dressed as a twin with Alessandro and being told by a panicked PR person that there’s actually another man who also appears to be his twin so people think he’s already there," as Zara Rahim tweeted, while Netflix's Jarett Wieselman noted that "it's kind of amazing that Jared Leto planned to dress identically to designer Alessandro Michele when we've already mistaken someone else for him tonight."

Sometimes, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

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Photo via Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris