Is Jake Gyllenhaal Sweating Taylor Swift's 'Red' Re-Release?

Is Jake Gyllenhaal Sweating Taylor Swift's 'Red' Re-Release?

Is Jake Gyllenhaal afraid of Taylor Swift's upcoming Red re-release? Fans seem to think so, if recent press interviews are any indicator.

Gyllenhaal has been doing press rounds recently to promote his upcoming Netflix movie, The Guilty. Speaking with the Sunday Times, he said something that people are taking to be a subtle nod to Swift's upcoming album: "Women are superior to men in various ways, including developing a sense of mortality earlier than men."

No, Gyllenhaal didn't mention Swift or the album by name, but it's come to fans' attention as of late that the new version of "All Too Well" could potentially clock in around 10 minutes long (which likely wouldn't bode well for the actor, considering it's the track dedicated to the end of Swift and Gyllenhaal's romance).

On November 19, Swift's Red (Taylor's Version) is set to hit streaming platforms and when the original LP came out back in 2012 (on this exact date), it coincided closely with Swift and Gyllenhaal's breakup. If a 10-minute "All Too Well" exists, what could that mean for other songs emerging from the vault? There's no telling that Swift has planned, but considering Gyllenhaal was a large part of the Red universe there's a high likelihood we'll be getting some more breakup details.

This realization is something that Gyllenhaal has to be aware of — or, at least the internet seems to think so — and his quote is being interpreted more or less to mean that he realizes that his public identity could potentially be killed by this album's release, and is preparing for that to happen now.

Regardless, Red (Taylor's Version) is surely getting a good deal of famous faces rethinking the past decade.

Photo via Getty/ Brendon Thorne