Meet the Rising Star Who Performed for Ganni in Copenhagen

Meet the Rising Star Who Performed for Ganni in Copenhagen

by Trishna Rikhy

Danish singer Jada is familiar with the stage, but at Copenhagen Fashion Week, she’s also taking the runway. The pop powerhouse has been on the come-up since she released her debut album I Cry A Lot in 2019, and now, she’s the voice behind Ganni’s Fall 2022 digital presentation.

The “LOVE FOREVER EVER” collection’s debut is backed by Jada’s genre-pushing sound in a live performance with songs as energetic as the collection, including her hits “Nudes,” “On Me,” and her most recent single, “Something to Say.”

“Everyone and everything who reminds me of love and freedom is an inspiration to me,” Jada tells PAPER. “Making music for me is about feeling as free as possible.”

Courtesy of Ganni/ Josephine Locjen

With influences ranging from Rihanna and Beyoncé to Danish traditional music, it’s no wonder Jada’s music has such a massive appeal. The artist’s pop ballads are evocative and energetic, and at Ganni’s Copenhagen Fashion Week presentation, they are performed for the first time at Vega, an iconic concert venue in the country’s capital.

“I always do a long warm up with my beloved backup singers,” Jada said of her pre-performance rituals. “And then we put on some Ariana Grande while we put on makeup and get ready. We have this little secret ritual that we do together before we enter the stage.”

Playful, whimsical, and vibrant, it makes perfect sense that Ganni’s garments would find their way to Jada, who describes her own personal style as “tight, slutty, and fun” (it isn’t uncommon to see her in looks ranging from a lime green vinyl co-ord with a matching hat and gloves to a shiny, fur-lined baby blue mini skirt and cardigan on her Instagram). Jada’s sound is a reflection of herself; it’s something bold and provocative, yet raw, true, and relatable.

Courtesy of Ganni/ Josephine Locjen

For the “LOVE FOREVER EVER” presentation, Jada and her dancers all wear pieces from Ganni’s Fall 2022 collection inside Vega’s historic halls. “I think [Fall 2022] is such a great collection, but I especially loved the see-through black shirt and pants I wore,” said Jada.

Despite the pandemic, it’s been a whirlwind of accomplishments for Jada since her debut album, from accumulating over a quarter of a million Spotify listeners to playing the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival this summer in Denmark, an item that’s been waiting to get ticked off her bucket list. Copenhagen Fashion Week might come to an end — but Jada’s just getting started.

Top photo courtesy of Ganni/ Lana Ohrimenko​