Fashion's Tiniest Bags Just Got Even Tinier

Fashion's Tiniest Bags Just Got Even Tinier

It's hard to believe that it's been less than a year since designer Simon Porte Jacquemus first unveiled his now iconic tiny bags. Though initially doling them out as invites to for his Fall 2019 show, since then pint-sized accessories have taken the world by storm, encompassing everything from Lizzo's custom Valentino number at the AMAs to Timothée Chalamet's Eiffel Tower keychain. Gone are the days when we dressed like survivalist hoarders, cramming as much as we could into the numerous pockets of our cargo pants. Now, the biggest flex is showing off just how little you can get away with and it looks like Jacquemus isn't done yet.

In a sneak peek of their upcoming Fall 2020 presentation, Jacquemus revealed that their latest collection will see the return of the label's micro-bag –– this time as jewelry. Showing off a new pendant, charm bracelet and pair of earrings, the unveiled accessories all feature a small golden rendering of Jacquemus' signature Le Chiquito bag. (And as an added plus, they all could tuck neatly into a tiny bag should the need arise.)

It seems it won't be long before we're viewing Jacquemus' latest collections through the lens of a microscope, which would undoubtedly end up being quite chic. This latest look at the forthcoming Fall 2020 line comes in the wake of label's recent move towards co-ed showcases. By combining both menswear and womenswear collections into one show, the designer has said he hopes to not only streamline the production process for his team but make ready-to-wear lines would available in stores sooner.

​Photo via Instagram