Issey Miyake's Colorful Innovations

Issey Miyake's Colorful Innovations

As Issey Miyake's fall 2019 show began, a pair of models each wearing gray dresses that looked slightly abstract and slightly sculpted stepped out in unison, walking the runway until they split in front of the photo pit and went their separate ways. This continued throughout the collection as an elegant form of high fashion twinning. Singer and songwriter Hiroko Sebu sang an atmospheric song in the background while the Japanese fashion house presented its latest take on innovative fabrics and silhouettes. Here's everything you need to know about the show.

Dough Dough

The first couple of looks presented Issey Miyake's inventive fabric: "dough dough," a free and flexible textile with shape memory. The gray pieces were made of wool-like fibers.

Op Art

Bold black and white prints resembled imaginative op art. From far away, it was even hard to distinguish the silhouette with such a loud pattern.

Bao Bao for Clothing

Stretchy, textural clothing that looked sculpted and geometric (most amazingly of all, perhaps in the collars of shirts) was a quiet tribute of sorts to the label's Bao Bao bags, which are one of the most iconic handbags from Issey Miyake.

'80s Colorways

Bright, almost neon, saturated purples, greens, yellows and blues looked decidedly '80s inspired. According to the show notes, the pattern is inspired by layers of colored lights and is resin printed.

Classic Black

Several all-black looks proved there's poetry in even the most basic of colors. Here, black textiles came in beautiful textures and moved in surreal ways on models.

Photo via Imaxtree


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Story by Brook Aster / Photography by Leanda Heler / Styling by Briana Andalore / Hair by Tevin Washington / Makeup by Eden Lattanzio / Nails by Tiny / Set design by Milena Gorum