How Celebrities Handled the Instagram Apocalypse

How Celebrities Handled the Instagram Apocalypse

Instagram and Facebook went down for nearly 24 hours yesterday, leaving the Internet in shambles. Apocalyptic visions of a grid-less world flashed before our eyes. Influencers started job-hunting. Millennials went outside, but mostly everyone just went on Twitter: especially celebrities (part of the reason lots of us go on Instagram in the first place). The world's been restored to order, but some people took the blackout harder than others.

Lindsay Lohan asked to speak with the manager.

Cardi was cheerful, but blamed Trump (she's not wrong that the blackout directed the scrolling masses to Twitter, his favorite medium).

Some thought they were very clever, including David Spade, George Takei and Josh Peck — the latter of which revealed pessimistic view on social media.

Soulja Boy, lived by his immortal philosophy ("In this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you") — took the crash as an opportunity to try his hand in the tech world.

Recently engaged Bachelor Colton Underwood bragged about his new girlfriend.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez missed her plans to broadcast her quest to furnish her new DC apartment (which yes, I would have tuned in for) but instead requested decorating advice.

Some embraced Twitter for the first time, in the hopes of keeping engagement up.

Donald J. Trump somehow connected the dots between the Instagram blackout, and taking shots at feminists via bad memes.

Sadly, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Diplo, and many of the other Instagram-savvy celebs who no doubt felt the impact did not comment on the blackout. The rest of us did what we do best: watched porn and made memes.

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