Wife Guy Ice-T Defends Coco Austin From Dress Size Discourse

Wife Guy Ice-T Defends Coco Austin From Dress Size Discourse

by Joan Summers

Ice-T wants everyone to remember this about his wife Coco Austin: "We NEVER attack... But we RETALIATE."

The rapper and famous wife guy went on the offensive Wednesday when a random woman on Twitter named Maureen criticized Coco for wearing dresses "three sizes too small." She wrote: "I see Adele at the Grammies. She looks fabulous. When she was heavier, she was classy, that is a woman who knows her beauty doesn't have to be wrapped in a dress 3 sizes too small."

Well that's certainly not very nice. What did Coco ever do to anyone?

It's important to note that Maureen tweeted this on February 7, and Ice-T didn't respond until nearly a week later. He retorted: "Maureen.. When was that last time you had some Dick.. That's the problem. Lol." Did he find the tweet himself, did Coco name-search, or did followers alert him via some sort of wife guy hotline? There's a mystery fit for Law & Order: SVU.

He later responded again, telling Maureen that she looks "Hot as F," and "We NEVER attack… But we RETALIATE." He shared other words of wisdom, like: "Ya know what Kills people that Hate you the most?? That OTHER people Love you."

For what it's worth, this is not Ice-T's first foray into the wife guy thunderdome. Throughout 2021, he defended Coco's choice to give their daughter acrylic nails and her decision to continue breastfeeding, while more recently, he's picked the sword back up to fight back against stroller trolls and tell Tamron Hall she's "the most incredible person I've ever met."

Adele, meanwhile, probably just turned to her assistant to ask why the Google Alerts were going off.

​Photo via Getty/ Amy Susan