'iCarly' Reboot Renewed for Season 3

'iCarly' Reboot Renewed for Season 3

by Justine Fisher

iCarly is going live again. The show’s Twitter dropped a mysterious teaser to announce a third season of the classic series’ reboot.

Renewed for season three on Paramount+, the hit Nickelodeon show, which was first revived in 2021, will premiere its latest installment of episodes in 2023. Based off of the original series which centered on three teens shooting a viral web show, the reboot sees the gang all grown up. For the upcoming season, the Creddie plotline, which has carried throughout the show’s history, will finally be settled, according to Variety.

After a season two cliffhanger, viewers are desperate to see how Freddie as Carly’s potential love interest plays out. Having alluded to their romance all through six original seasons, airing from 2007 to 2012, it was only right that Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove returned for the revival to give us hope for their characters’ relationship.

Another member of the original cast, Jerry Trainor, is also set to star in the reboot as Carly's older brother, the angry, yet endearing, character of Spencer. Jennette McCurdy, however, who played Carly's best friend Sam will not be rejoining the cast. Though they may never fill the hole left by McCurdy, new cast members, Laci Mosley as Harper and Jaidyn Triplett as Millicent, are winning over viewers.

While some characters will be missed, fans can’t wait to see more from the show that defined many of our childhoods and forever deemed Seattle the iCarly city.

Though Dan Schneider created the 2007 sitcom, he is not involved in the modern revival, which is executive produced by Ali Schouten-Seeks and Cosgrove. Other producers include Trainor, Kress and Alissa Vradenburg.

On Nickelodeon’s crusade to never let our childhoods die, we’re crossing our fingers for a 2022 Victorious next.

Photo via courtesy of Paramount+