This Beer Campaign Is Fighting the OnlyFans Sex Work Stigma
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This Beer Campaign Is Fighting the OnlyFans Sex Work Stigma

It's no secret that most people have a preconceived notion of OnlyFans creators and, truthfully, it's not always that great. However, one beer company is now trying to help remedy by starting a conversation about the multifaceted world of sex work via a new initiative fighting the stigma.

On Tuesday, HOUSE Beer announced the launch of their "Our House, Our Rules" campaign on OnlyFans, which feature a diverse set of popular models — including Katy Viola, Matthew Palmer and Winston Rice — to order to launch a discussion surrounding the platform and the creators who make the platform what it is, per a press release.

Shot by Todd Midler in Idyllwild, CA, creative director Sean Barrow went on to add that the photo series "incapsulates the essence of being at home where everyone feels the most comfortable and can be their most authentic self," especially since it's also "generally the space everyone can be naked."

"The campaign slogan 'Our House. Our Rules' is referencing the idea of how everyone has their own house rules based on our they like to live," he said. "Our house rules are inclusive—we welcome everyone and we don’t judge.”

After all, Barrow explained the vast majority of US beer brands, particularly small ones, push the idea of a "drinking culture surrounding ‘hot girls and the all American boy,'" while HOUSE believes in authenticity and inclusivity. However, he said that dismantling this old-school norm is especially important given our current socioeconomic climate, where "many young professionals are still trying to get become financially secure, making many of them work a variety of jobs across different industries."

For example, Barrow said HOUSE has "encountered people that have been signed to a top modeling agency or scouted to go on TV be dropped because they had started an OnlyFans account," which made the stigma extremely apparent, even though this particular brand believes "sex work, like any other work, is a profession."

"I think it is truly incredible how the OnlyFans community has changed sex work," as Barrow said. "It has created a space for sex work to be seen as a form of art where creators can own their own likeness over themselves and their bodies."

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Photography: Todd Midler
Photo assistant: Ryan Molnar
Prop styling: Francesca Gabrielle
Creative direction: Sean Barrow
Talent: Katy Viola, Matthew Palmer and
Winston Rice