Here's Your First Look At Penelope Cruz As Donatella Versace

Here's Your First Look At Penelope Cruz As Donatella Versace

With all due respect to Sarah Paulson's Marcia Clark wig, the third season of American Crime Story promises to be the most legendary by far. In it, Ryan Murphy will whisk us away to 1997 Miami Beach to teach us all about the murder of Gianni Versace, with the assistance of Penelope Cruz (playing his bereaved sister Donatella), and Ricky Martin (playing Gianni's partner, Antonio D'Amico). It's going to be incredible, and it certainly more than fulfills Ryan Murphy's sacred promise to the citizens of earth:

Today, thanks to some intrepid paparazzi, we got our very first look at Penelope Cruz in Donatella drag and it is just... it's just something very special.


That iced latte attitude tho...

And let's not let this leather look pass us by...

I mean, while we're here we may as well also take the time to savor Ricky Martin's key lime excellence...

And hey, while we're at it, why don't we watch some grainy paparazzi videos... nobody's watching us. Nobody knows what we do.

So what do we think? Did she nail it, or did she nail it?

Splash images via BFA


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