Heidi Klum Previews Her Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum Previews Her Halloween Costume

You call it pumpkin spice latte season, I call it Heidi Klum Halloween costume appreciation season. September might be almost over, but fall has finally arrived, because Heidi has teased one of her signature spooky outfit plans on Instagram. And if the sneak peak is anything to go by, it looks like her tradition of over-the-top prosthetics will continue.

A refresher:

The supermodel and known Halloween obsessive has worked with the same studio to create her October 31 looks over the past several years––they were responsible for creating her famous 2013 varicose veined old lady costume, as well as 2015's Jessica Rabbit. Last year she was a convincing Thriller-style werewolf, complete with zombie back up dancers.

So what's happening this year? Last night Klum posted an in-progress video of some elaborate mask she's having made for her 2018 costume. Halloween is still a month away, but she knows her brand.

Sadly it's fairly difficult to guess what she's going for here––that fish guy from The Shape of Water? A Kardashian? Controversially sexy Handmaid's Tale extra? We'll just have to wait and see.

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