After a five-year battle with Lyme disease, angst queen Avril Lavigne is finally back with a new single, "Head Above Water". And she's just dropped an appropriately gothic music video that makes a valuable addition to the popstars-jumping-into-the-ocean music video genre.

The new clip offers a perfectly dramatic back drop to the song's allegorical lyrics about Avril's painful health journey. Flowing white gown? Check. Rugged island coastline? Also check. PSA about Lyme disease awareness? You'll find that at 4:07.

The singer made her first television appearance in years on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, resplendent in what appears to be the same white gown from the music video. She has announced that a new album is forthcoming––it'll be her first since 2013's Avril Lavigne.

Welcome back, Avril! Watch the video for "Head Above Water" below.

Photo via YouTube

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