Halsey and Sydney Sweeney Must Have Great On Screen Chemistry

Halsey and Sydney Sweeney Must Have Great On Screen Chemistry

by Kenna McCafferty

There's a lot of history between Halsey and Sydney Sweeney and, now, they will become officially inseparable. Beginning their burgeoning acting careers together in The Players Table, the two are now set to star in the upcoming project National Anthem, a drama full of historical mythos and intrigue.

The directorial debut of poet, critic and screenwriter Tony Tost, National Anthem will follow the hunt for a rare, valuable Lakota Ghost Shirt. What is sure to be a gritty, suspenseful portrayal of the American poet’s longstanding fascination with the West as seen in Longmire and Damnation, National Anthem will explore the motivating factors behind each character’s quest to claim the shirt.

Most notably worn in Wounded Knee, the Ghost Shirt, was believed by the Lakota people to shield its wearers from the bullets of white settlers. With 300 Lakota men killed in what’s now known as the Wounded Knee Massacre, the remaining shirts are considered sacred and prized in the collections of museum collections and collectors. The film will explore notions of greed, personal freedom and the reclamation of indigenous property.

Halsey and Sweeney will star alongside Paul Walter Hauser, Simon Rex, Toby Huss, Gavin Maddox Bergman, Harriet Sansom Harris and Derek Hinkey in the Bron Studios film. “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to bring National Anthem to life on film, and to work with Page Fifty-Four Pictures, Bron Studios and this incredible cast,” says Tost. “I’m especially thrilled to be bringing to the screen a vision of modern rural America that pays tribute to the myths of the West while also radically reinventing them.”

With Sweeney giving it her absolute all in Euphoria, and Halsey ramping up for the Love and Power tour, we can’t wait to see what the two have in store for the singer’s big-screen debut.

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