Halsey Under Fire For 2014 Tweet About Kissing Underage Fans

Halsey Under Fire For 2014 Tweet About Kissing Underage Fans

Halsey is currently at the center of a heated online debate surrounding an alleged tweet from 2014.

As MTV News UK reports, the #HalseyIsOverParty hashtag began picking up steam after people began circulating screenshots of a now-deleted tweet, in which the singer allegedly wrote, "I keep promising underage fans that I'm gonna make out with them. I am SO going to jail." The publication also reports that the fan kissing was considered a meet-and-greet "tradition" for the 19-year-old Halsey at the time.

And while there seems to be a strong contingent of commentators defending Halsey by calling the hashtag "embarrassing" and pointing toward K-pop stans as the "source" of the backlash, the resurfacing of old meet-and-greet video footage has continued to stoke the flames.

"This tweet just finally caught up to her So yeah she's still gross," one person wrote, while another user argued that while they aren't really a Halsey fan, "it's really funny to see people defending her and saying 'she doesn't do it anymore.'"

They continued, "but if she were a man it literally wouldnt matter if she stopped she still kissed underage girls."

That said, as the publication noted, some Halsey fans say the entire thing is being blown out of proportion. As one person claimed, it "was just a joke" and "she staged her kiss, had her thumb between lips and had her lips closed and her kiss was only 0.5 sec."

Meanwhile, one Halsey defender said people are "coming for halsey for something she hasnt done for 5-6 years now and was something fans ASKED her to do for a m&g photo," while another user argued that, "if I made a thread to showcase every single mistake your favs made it would be a long ass list."

"if you think your favs are perfect then you need a drop of reality," they wrote. "halsey has apologized for every mistake she has made but y'all still wanna act childish its cool."

Halsey has yet to respond to the criticism.

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