Halle Bailey's Boyfriend Addresses Breakup Rumors

Halle Bailey's Boyfriend Addresses Breakup Rumors

Halle Bailey's boyfriend is rolling his eyes at the breakup rumors.

The speculation started earlier this week after people noticed rapper DDG unfollowed the "Do It" singer on Instagram and completely wiped any photographic evidence of their relationship from his account. But what raised even more suspicion was a vague tweet that said “all these girls the same … ain’t no wayy," all of which left fans super confused.

Not only that, but Halle's older sister, Ski, also ended up getting involved by posting an Instagram video defending her sister against any potential allegations of wrongdoing, saying that "You will not treat her the way you’ve treated these others."

“I don’t give a freak if y’all had issues going on. That’s what you won’t do. Please understand that," she continued before saying he wasn't "gonna do her the way that you did everybody else" by making it seem "like she was doing something that she wasn't doing."

"You need to pipe down and get yourself together. If y’all broke up, then you need to just unfollow and just keep it pushin’. You don’t have to put nothin’ out there like that. Talkin’ about, ‘All these girls is the same,’" Ski continued. "Are you dumb? Are you stupid?”

That said, Ski later apologized for the post and told fans that she'd spoken to Halle, who said there was "nothing going on." And just to make things crystal clear, DDG himself also took to Twitter the next day to make fun of the internet for being "so gullible," before adding that "nobody cheated on nobody btw. don't take my tweets too serious."

Even so, the "Maybach Curtains" artist was still criticized over his timing, with some accusing of wanting "some attention" and making up "a false rumor knowing she got [The Little Mermaid] coming out and needs good press." Halle, however, has yet to comment on the drama.

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